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Sea Moss

Sea Moss has 92 vitamins: Potassium – Promotes a Stronger Immune System.Sulfur – Creates Smoother, Healthier Skin.Iodine – Improve Thyroid Function.Iron – Boosts Your Mood and Energy.Vitamin B12 – Assists in Red Blood Cell Production.Magnesium – Helps With Muscle & Nerve Function.Calcium – Maintains Strong Bones.

It’s heart-healthyIt may promote weight loss

It’s a good source of iodineIt supports gut health

It may boost your immunity

Improves your Sex drive

Soap/ Body Buttas: Moss helps to plump your skinsmooth out wrinkles and give your skin a natural glowSea moss is also antibacterial

Sea moss also helps treat several other skin disorders like sunburns, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne and Rosacea.

Father’s Day t shirts

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Hair Growth Oil

Handmade in the USA, natural oils mixed with Aloe, Vitamin E, Sea Moss with a hint of Rosemary

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